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“Kim Krause Berg — The Veritable UX Whisperer”

Holistic Usability and SEO Has Always Been About The People Who Use Your Website

In 2002, Kim Krause Berg coined the phrase “Holistic Usability and SEO” because her client work proved the value of approaching every website with one unifying end goal – creating happy visitors from search to successful task completion.

It is a Concept Still Debated Today

For an SEO specialist, keywords, rank and links take priority over persuasive design. For user experience designers, it is human factors and conversions design that make or break marketing strategies. Why rank a webpage that is frustrating to use? Is your website performing to everyone’s expectations and meeting your business objectives? Have you tested your website or software on all computer devices including mobile? The difference between you and your competitors is how well you planned and built your web based project. Kim Krause Berg has been in the trenches for years. Let her provide you with incredible talent and wisdom.

Is Your Web Site Shooting Blanks?

User Interface Designers, Programmers and Internet Marketers are not Usability experts. However, they are expected to be, which is why most websites are built poorly. An alarming number of websites do not meet web design and accessibility standards, do not meet target user expectations or company business requirements and fail to thrive.

Failure to Perform Costs Money

Kim Krause Berg was hired in 1995 to build websites and get them submitted and ranked in search engines. From her roots in SEO to ultimately a severe passion for user experience and online behavior, she finds your web site or application blind spots and missed revenue and conversion opportunities.

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“#UX = empathy for every human using every device” — @kim_cre8pc” — Bruce Clay Inc.

Featured in
46 Usability Experts You Should Follow, as well as years of interviews, talks, and videos.

“Kim’s insights into the user experience are spot on.”

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User Testing Lab

The Creative Vision Web Consulting User Testing Lab provides several options.

Screen Recordings and User Testing Services

“Kim Krause Berg is amazing at what she does and a pioneer in the realm of user experience.”

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Bucks County, PA based, Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC, has its roots in search engine optimization, usability and software testing and web design going back to 1995. From conference speaking, teaching, writing, online community ownership and more, the focus is on making websites and software accessible to everyone.

Bucks County Website Services

Imagine your web pages viewed through the eyes of a trained online marketer who specializes in user experience, accessibility, usability and information architecture. And that’s just for starters.

Whether you need a quick website review or full usability performance audit, or just a quick “How are we doing?” check up, there is no one more understanding, approachable, affordable and devoted to your success. Creative Vision Web Consulting has a global network of additional expert vendors available when you need specific help.

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